The Lights luminaires selection has solutions for all professional needs. Officials, transport companies, mining workers, worksites, boaters, motor sport athletes and every day motorists all over Finland, Scandinavia and Baltics choose to use The Lights luminaires. Large variety of uses and challenging conditions set the quality standards very high. Reliability and durability are the key values when drafting luminaires. The Lights manufacturers high know-how combined with leading manufacturers electrical components ensure top notch products.

Luminaires go through multiple phases of drafting and testing during product development process. First prototype is tested with multiple reflectors and LED components. Lighting power, beam pattern and shape, colour temperature and colour rendering index values are adjusted to match the original need. With high quality parts and materials durability against dust, dirt, moisture and very cold temperatures is ensured. Electromagnetic compability is fixed to the requiremnts by circuit board changes. Desing and the measurements of the luminaire are being set by the demands of aestethics and usability. If there is a special requirement luminaire will be modified accordingly for example by adding DOUBLE UP™ function, heated lense, special coating, sideshooter LEDs or position light.

Production batches go through quality control. Compactness and functionalities are tested. Random luminaires also get tested by lightning tests. This way the steady quality can be guaranteed and The lights can always provide up to date and accurate specs of the products. With lightning tests all information of the real performance can be provided. Testing also provides possibility to objectively compare the attributes of different luminaires.

Lamp models and production batches are tested in The lights laboratory located in Lempäälä Finland. Laboratory has two testing devices integrating sphere and isolux testing device designed especially for auxiliary and work light testing. Testing can be done in closed and stable conditions. Both momentary and continuing testing results can be provided.
In the testing premises luminaires go through testing in the fields of power usage, light quantity, lightning power, colour temperature and colour rendering values. Isolux testing device can also provide graphic presentation of beam to demonstrate light distribution in visual form. Integreting sphere sets the luminaire in colour coordinates and shows spectral radiant flux.
Power consumption test provides ampres (A) and voltages (V) which gives real usage power (W). Usually work and auxiliary light specs show nominal power (nominal maximum LED power) which should not be mistaken with real use wattage.

Light quantity can also be measured in lumens (lm). Lumens are better value for comparing the lights than wattages but they only tell the quantity of light and not the distribution, colour of it. When comparing lumen values should be noted that maximum theoretical lumen output (maximum lumens of leds combined) does not equal real lumen output of assembled luminaire. Hence theoretical and real maximum lumen values may differ.

Colour temperature measurement provides colour temperature in kelvins (K) ans colour rendering index (CRI) which values how natural colours look in the beam.
Beam pattern test shows cross section of the beam shape widht and length. Isolux table shows beam lux distances (lx @ m). Test also provides the ratio between powerful light and ambient light.
Lightning power test provides lightning intensity in candles (cd).