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Bullpro Centum

9-32V 5 x 20W Cree 8210lm 4500K 113x113x76.4mm BULLPRO CENTUM is one of the more luminuous worklamps in the market providing more than 8000 lumens outstanding light output. All features and details have been carefully considered. The special lens is shockproof and stands for heat, the frame is designed not to collect dirt or ice and the stainless steel bracket is sturdy but compact.The lamp is easy to connect with 2 meters long extension cable and DT plug.You can choose from two different light colors, 6000K being pure white and 4500K more natural option. 6,39A @ 13,7V, R10 CISPR25 class3, IP68, 20 cm cable DT -plug. + 2 m cable DT-plug.